5 Automation Tools Changing the Nature of Content Marketing

27-Apr-2021 11:04 AM Digital Marketing

Content provides readers with information that causes them to feel, think, and change their lives in various ways. Since content has an unlimited scope, marketing companies are more focused on improving content marketing. They are also focusing on content marketing automation, which entails using technology to automate and speed up what was previously performed manually. 

News publishers have been using automated content creation software for a long time. On the other hand, most marketers are not favoring to automate their entire content development process. Still, automated tools can help post social media updates, brief news alerts, and other short pieces of content. 

The blog will address automation tools that make content creation easy, regardless of the niche, audience, or industry requirements. 

Automating Content  

It is no surprise that the automation butterfly has landed on content production. Many companies use content automated tools in some way, whether it is for creating content or making memes for social media posts.  

Moving on to AI-powered content automation software, they provide non-perishable and efficient methods of labelling content for the crowd. Since these tools are extremely useful, demand for them is increasing. 

Let us look at some of the tools that are making content creation a hassle-free task. 


We are mistaken if we believe a machine cannot function like a human brain. Articoolo has disproved this theory; this tool is used to build content that writes an article as if a person wrote it.  

It begins by recognizing the essence of the topic at hand and then focusing on paraphrasing it in the proper order. The tool's algorithm will first deduce what a writer wants to write based on the keywords they enter and will then begin writing the piece. 


It is a WordPress SEO plugin that analyses content and identifies organized groups in order to increase relevance. The plugin aids in the development of better content as well as the targeting of specific markets to boost website traffic. It extracts relevant entities from an article and searches for similar articles using tags. Wordlife creates a navigational widget that organizes the data into categories. 

This AI-assisted tool also helps measure the amount of time spent on a website and, as a result, makes SEO recommendations. 


QuillBot is a powerful artificial intelligence platform that extracts the most value from any data and converts it into high-quality content for final consumption. This tool works by simulating the human brain and optimising language generation platforms to achieve the best results. QuillBot is entirely different from the competition as it allows to customise the narratives in whatever way it is required. 

It allows users to customise and generate much more relevant content for their audiences by using narratives. This AI-powered software also manages daily language and determines the story's processing speed. 

Word AI 

Word AI mimics human writing patterns. In the tool sentences are not treated as a set of words. Rather, it can convert a list of words into complete sentences that people can understand. With the support of this tool, every element is fully rewritten. Its comprehensive content rewriting ensures that the content remains human-readable. 


The use of AI automation technology to create media such as images and videos is a popular part of content creation on digital platforms. Canva is an image-editing app that can be used to achieve the same. A variety of templates for various platforms are available inside the tool. The procedure is straightforward; all that is needed is to position the material within the structure for the best result. 

The application is not just for designing and developing. Brilliant designs, as well as ways to create and rebuild the design as required, can be discovered. Most of the digital marketing and social media platform innovations are created using Canva. 

These are a few tools that are making content creation easy, but there are many more on the internet that can help with the process. 

However, as technology advances, it moves closer to assisting humans. Writers or bloggers may use AI technology to produce content, but only humans can add required value to the content.