5 Automation Tools That Help SaaS Companies with Digital Marketing in 2021

17-Mar-2021 02:16 PM Digital Marketing

Several things are changing in the world, and marketing is no exception. Traditional methods of marketing campaign validation are no longer relevant. To catch up with the fast-paced enterprise, companies are increasingly involved in cutting-edge technologies, and SaaS is not immune.

Nearly 80% of businesses are using SaaS to run their operations today. If SaaS companies want to achieve a high return on investment (ROI), they must remain efficient in terms of marketing, development, and sales.

This article will explain how a software company with SaaS product can use digital automation platforms to stay ahead of the competition.

Digital Marketing Automation Tools

There is a variation of self-regulation solutions available today, most of which are designed for B2B businesses with longer sales cycles. These tools are primarily geared toward email automation, lead nurturing, and multi-channel conversion. They have a CRM built-in as well as social media and CMS integration.

Let us look at some of these automation tools/platforms for maximizing digital marketing efforts.


If you have not already used HubSpot's website and marketing tools yet, then what are you waiting for? It is, without a doubt, one of the most beneficial marketing automation tools available.

HubSpot is a powerful marketing locomotive that can power your website, manage your social media, host your blog, keep track of your contacts in a CRM, generate leads, create workflows, and segment lists, among other things.

There are less expensive substitutes, but none genuinely provide anything you need comprehensively and efficiently without requiring you to supplement with other apps. HubSpot allows for the incorporation of a wide range of other applications which makes it an unavoidable linchpin in the marketing stack as a result of this.


Are you aware of how difficult it is to get a real-time snapshot of your marketing activities in one place? Databox stepped in and solved a dilemma we were not even aware we had - Reporting that is fantastic and seamless.

Databox is a medium that lets you link virtually all your data origins to a fantastic dashboard system and observe your company's success in one easy-to-read station. You can offer a real-time illustration of your execution by designing quirky and custom dashboards.

A SaaS-based business should keep an eye on this tool to get the best results.


Marketers were in search for a more reliable way to maintain track of individualized keyword scores and reporting after HubSpot said goodbye to keywords in 2018.

SEMRush's engine is quite influential, and they have been extending their tools well beyond the "SEO keyword" tool for which they were once favoured.

The tool gives you a comprehensive report on what terms your business ranks for, phrases you should rank for, errors and hindrances on your site that need to be labelled, and much more. Their new social media and content toolkits are astonishing, and we cannot wait to see what comes next!


Every SaaS marketer understands the importance of bringing in new clients and keeping the conversation going before converting them to paying customers. 

Drift is a conversational marketing and sales tool that allows enterprises to purchase from other businesses. It was created to make shopping more relaxing than ever before. The tool lets you start and grow discussions, as well as stop ‘ghosting' customers.

This revolutionary marketing automation tool allows you to begin conversions and establish professional rapport with your customers. Overall, Drift is one of the hottest automation tools right now for nursing after-sales services and other post-sales-related features that today’s customers demand.


Automate.io offers a simple way to integrate all your cloud applications. It will enable you to rapidly automate marketing promotions, payments, and other business processes. You will get over 100 connectors for all the most common cloud/SaaS applications. To communicate with other users, you can use Webhooks or the Rest API.

Automate.io is a safe and trustworthy platform that offers data security in transit and rest, data retention controls and audit logs. It will aid you in creating both primary and combined automation workflows.


Our top 5 must-have digital marketing automation tools for 2021 cover nearly every aspect of your SaaS marketing requirements. All tools, at their heart, are designed to assist you in engaging with your customers by providing the relevant content at the proper time. It is crucial to try various tools when selecting the right automation platform for your company to achieve your aspired growth and fulfil your purposes.

Contact Verbinden Communication for customized marketing automation application suggestions based on features, integrations, company size, and more to make your quest easier.