The Psychology of Color: How to Choose a Brand Color Palette

01-Oct-2019 02:55 PM Graphic Design

While the primary reason behind their purchases of a product is color for 85% consumers, 90% of the snap judgments about purchases are made based on the color of products. And, according to 80% consumers, brand recognition can be improved by choosing the right colors.Color is one[...]

Use Graphics to Take Your Marketing to The Next Level!

27-Sep-2019 11:24 AM Graphic Design

Remember those times when you couldn’t explain a meme and you had to google it? Wouldn’t it be comforting when the food menus have images of the food alongside the dish?  Now, how do you explain what a cloche hat looks like? It is a bell-shaped hat worn by[...]

How Graphics Amplify Your Website’s Content

26-Sep-2019 12:55 PM Graphic Design

Infographics is a visually appealing way of presenting content and an effective marketing tool. Content is always best when it comes with supporting images. Here is how graphics can amplify your website’s content.Graphic design helps your business. Appealing images, motion[...]

Graphic Design Do’s and Don’ts You Don’t Want to Miss

23-Sep-2019 10:48 AM Graphic Design

The graphic design industry is never static. It is changing all the time. By the time you get the hang of a new trend, another one would have already replaced it. To become a successful graphic designer, one must stay on top of current trends to make sure their designs are as rel[...]

A Guide to Building a Brand Guideline

18-Sep-2019 02:27 PM Graphic Design

The purpose of a brand is to associate itself with the audience, developing relations with them and ensuring they think of you first when they need one of your products.Brands are the reason you say ‘Lays’ for chips or ‘Vaseline’ for petroleum jelly.&nbs[...]