Learning and Development – The Need of the Hour

08-Dec-2022 02:35 PM Leadership

‘Learn’ as you move through your life: It really does help be at the top  Learning to stay ahead of the curve as we change industries – FischIntroduction: We must constantly learn and innovate to stay ahead of the curve, anticipate, and meet the needs of[...]

How SaaS Companies Retain Customers and Grow their Business

25-Jul-2019 03:49 PM Leadership

Software as a Service (SaaS) products are aplenty and a wrong move can stop the progress of your SaaS company. Retaining your existing customers is less expensive and more important than gaining new ones. Learn the challenges that SaaS businesses face and how to keep customers in[...]

It’s Okay To Be An Introverted Leader

13-Apr-2018 09:40 AM Leadership

Being outspoken and able to communicate properly with your team is important for leaders. If a leader can communicate the organization’s goals and objectives properly,  she/he can inspire her/his employees to do well. But, if a leader finds it uncomfortable to communi[...]