Explanatory videos- Why they remind us of our communication history

22-Mar-2016 11:14 AM Digital Marketing

We have all heard of the adage 'Picture speaks thousand words', so just think how much and how effectively a video can convey- it is 1.8 million words for a one minute video. As videos are considered as the most powerful medium of communication at this age, we have started using videos most of the time to transmit any kind of information and ideas. Like this video based communication has come into the scenario and is becoming more and more popular day by day with its characteristics.

Video based communication is basically a process of communication which totally relies on vision. Main tool for this communication process is explanatory video which explains the central idea of a particular topic and most of the videos come along with the audio. This communication tool is so powerful that it can create an impact on viewers mind regarding anything within even less than a minute. Viewers remember videos better, even business execs prefer watching explanatory videos too.

In 21st century 93% marketers are using video, 84% are using video for digital marketing and 82% have confirmed that video has a great positive impact on their business. This is the reason that brands are heavily using online videos to connect with customers in a more effective way. It is easy for a company or a brand to upload video on their own website. The homepage, blogs, landing pages any of these can be a proper platform for a video and they can reach to the most number of public through an explaining video which can easily boast their business. Content marketing is the trick to get more by doing less in which explanatory video fits the most as a content.

As our lifestyle has changed a lot and have become very busy, most of the people don't get the time to read a lot while they can spend at least one to two minutes for a productive video. We can also say people are less likely to read a dense piece of text which consumes much of their time and attention as they have got a better option in term of video based communication. Viewers get a clear and complete idea about what they searching for, with a small video that they don't even give a rap to read so much about the same particular topic.

It also gives an interesting perspective of the the evolution of human communication over the ages. 500,000 years ago, humans started communicating through sign language and carving on the rocks or wooden surfaces for better living and co-existence. Basically the language was pictorial or the mean of communication was visual. It took long to upgrade the communication process even for human, the most evolved species in world. Then Alphabets, words, sentences were invented and visual communication lost its demand for a period. But now visual communication has come back with new and more effective features with the help of modern technology. It has become more prominent and vibrant with its most popular element and that is video. So after even ages somehow we reached at the point from where we started communicating.

Video based communication have become so primacy that even social media (like- Twitter, Facebook) which was started with mostly written content, now it includes engaging, bold, meaningful, imaginative video clips as many as possible and these really help to increase the subscription. There is also been a remarkable increase in subscribers to video dedicated social media like- YouTube. Wikipedia has also started including video content. As videos do not need any literacy to understand it can easily grab the most public attention and create a great impact on viewers mind like in the early age traditional visual media (puppet show, drama, theater etc.) used to do.

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