Elements That Can Make Your Content Interesting

27-Apr-2016 12:01 PM Content Marketing

Creating content, whether for a website, ebook or any other platform, isn't simply about filling up empty spaces with words and sentences. It's about delivering a complete, satisfying experience to the reader. We list the top 5 elements that can help your content deliver that experience.

1. Writing in the first person

This is a technique employed quite commonly among most young and successful authors these days. Writing in the first person makes your content more relatable to the reader. It gives the reader a first-hand point of view of the narration, making him/her engrossed in your content.

2. Foreshadowing

Many of the good writers today employ a method known as foreshadowing. It  is a hint of what is coming without actually divulging it completely. Foreshadowing can make readers hooked on to your content since it increases the element of excitement and anticipation.

3. Presence of a story

Scientifically, it has been proven that stories stimulate instant brain activation. Your content shouldn't just be a bland culmination of facts. They should have a story, a flow that interests the reader. One must master the art of story writing to be able to master content writing.

4. Clarity in content

No matter how extravagant your content may be, if the reader cannot understand what you're trying to say, your content  loses its purpose. Your content needs to be clear in its intent and objective.

5. Be simple

It's always advisable to keep your content as simple as possible in terms of the language used. Extensive use of flowery and superfluous words can confuse the reader and make your content complicated.

6. Adding infographics

Infographics are a great way to not only enhance the visual appeal of your content but also make it more comprehensible. They depict the flow of data through the different depths of your content, creating a smooth visual effect that creates an impact on the user. Overall, great content need not just come from scholars or literary geniuses. It can also be a product of your capability to express knowledge and information in an exciting and universally understandable manner.