How Graphics Amplify Your Website’s Content

26-Sep-2019 12:55 PM Graphic Design

Infographics is a visually appealing way of presenting content and an effective marketing tool. Content is always best when it comes with supporting images. Here is how graphics can amplify your website’s content.

Graphic design helps your business. Appealing images, motion graphics, infographics, and typography adds to the aesthetics. All of this captures attention and brings in a regular audience to your website. Here graphic design helps your content strategy.

Traffic Generation

If your visual aids on the web page are beautiful, compelling and informative, it will drive traffic to your website. People are more likely to share visual content than just plain text. A good image will make your content more memorable and make people remember the URL of your website. Images are that powerful.

They Contribute to SEO

As mentioned previously, blog posts and websites with graphics are shared often. All the clicking, liking and sharing will lead Google to index the website higher. And when Google ranks your web page higher, it will increase the shareability of content.

While posting the image on the CMS, use one or more keywords related to your article. Use a dash while naming images. For example, if you are selling organic tea and are explaining the benefits, try naming your picture organic-tea-benefits.jpg. Set a title, ALT, and description too. Though they are not seen by visitors, they are definitely scanned by Google.

Increases Viewer Interaction

Graphics and other high-quality visual aid is sure to grab attention. Images are especially important for product companies and Amazon sellers. This will also increase social media shares. Products with images will catch attention and become viral, not so with products without image or images of low-quality.

Graphics Support Your Point

Graphics provide value to your content and insight into your article. Using the right image and graphics will support the points you are making. When talking about an app, providing a screenshot will be better than not providing a screenshot.

People love information, especially when it is statistics and numbers. People love looking at infographics because these numbers can be presented in a digestible format that is nice to look at. Your audience will find blogs with infographics credible and compelling.

When an image related to your blog is not available, you may use stock images, whether free or paid. It will make the reader stop and think why you have used the image.

Graphics Add Color and Vibrancy

Adding graphics and other visual tools like infographics and gifs to your article will add color to it. Just like the choice of typography, images too should be visually appealing. It will add to the interest and give a break to the wall of text.

They are Embeddable

Another benefit of a graphic element is its portability. They can also be embedded using an embed code. Providing an embed code will enable people to easily share content by embedding it into their webpages. This graphic is a linkback to your website. We have already mentioned that linkbacks increase Google rank of your article.

Creates an Impression and Strengthens Brand

Images introduces your topic to the readers when used as a thumbnail. When used as a thumbnail, it can be shared on social media. A good thumbnail image is what catches readers’ attention on social media.

Do you know of any brand you can recognize immediately. This is because they use a recognizable logo, particular typography or color scheme. With graphic design, you can create a quickly identifiable ‘face’ for your company.

Sharing graphic element like infographics will position you as an expert and increase your brand’s credibility. This is because you need a lot of time to create infographic filled with knowledge and research. A well-made infographic shows your experience. Readers usually appreciate the knowledge shared and trust you as an expert.

Essential Graphic Design Tips

You can design images for a website or a blog post without a graphic design degree. Here are some best practices that all non-designers need to know.

Plan Your Design

Planning usually falls apart midway during the design, but as the saying goes, “You must not fail to plan.” The planning stage can be about five minutes long. Plan the design with your supervisor or your client, or a design expert in your team. Planning will help you finish the task quicker.

Contrast the Fonts

If you are starting new, you may not have paired fonts. Keep in mind that you must choose fonts with high contrast. The fonts will balance each other out making it a feature in your design. However, you must not get carried away. Limit the fonts to two at the most, one for the header and one for the subheader or paragraph.

Contrast the Colors Too

Colors will capture the attention of your target audience, evoking a specific emotion. Choose high contrasting colors to grab the audience's attention and keep it. Besides, match the font color and other graphic elements with the background image.

The best graphic designers choose beautiful colors on their designs, and it is no accident. Choose a great color palette to get you going. ColourLovers will give you access to beautiful colors. All you need from it is the hex code.

Adobe Color CC is another online resource to create cohesive color schemes. The thousands of color schemes provide you with hex codes. Make note of your hex codes so that you could use your chosen colors across the website.

We have explained whitespace below. Quip uses whitespace at some spaces. The above picture is an example of contast of colors. The white text on a dark color makes it clear as to what the company is selling.

Consider Whitespaces

However, do not get carried away and overdo the coloring. Utilize whitespaces too. As they say, less is more. It shows simplicity. Some of the biggest brands like Apple inspire simplicity with the usage of whitespaces.

Oftentimes, designs get cluttered because designers get carried away. It could be difficult to wrap your head around whitespaces, but sometimes they enhance the design. Like for OwlLabs, the image contains a right ratio of negative space with a strong value statement and a call-to-action all the while showcasing the product.

Add Text Over Images and Use Lines to Create Order

Your design may involve using text over images. If so, adjust the brightness level to highlight the text or add a color overlay, making the text readable and the design clean. Besides, using lines in between texts will create a sense of order.

Using them in between blocks of text will anchor text. You can also put separators between various elements in the image. Use a 3-pixel line right below the header, and also place lines around a body of text to create an anchor for them.

Use Shapes and Icons, and Make Them Transparent

Icons attract attention to a part of the web page. So use icons as much as possible to highlight facts and figures. Icons8 and thenounproject are two great resources to look for icons. Use Canva to make the icons transparent. There are endless ways to experiment with design.

You can also create infographics using Canva to illustrate information shapes and icons. You can fill in the numbers and illustrate your findings.

Keep Design Elements Aligned

Keeping your design elements aligned will give your design a presentable and professional look. If you are using design tools like Canva or Snappa, dragging the image or the text box will make grid lines to appear automatically, helping you line up elements.

Graphic design can be quite complex, but knowing how it will help your company with content marketing is the first step to getting started. Besides, knowing the above mentioned techniques to create great designs for your website will make all your projects a success like the folks at Verbinden.

Now that you know more about the benefits of graphic design and the value it can create for your company, talking to a communication company can help you with brand development and marketing project.

Contact us for information about how we can help create the image you want to convey to your audience.