Programmatic Advertising is Changing the Face of Digital Advertising. Learn How

14-Jul-2021 04:18 PM Digital Marketing

What has programming got to do in the creative world of advertising? Well, a lot. Primarily, taking the tedious and time-consuming part away from humans to focus on doing what they like and do best, being creative. 

Programmatic advertising is the Jarvis we wish we had every time we watched Iron Man. Simply put, programmatic advertising is the use of artificial intelligence to buy and sell online advertising space. How is this better than a human at the helm? With programmatic advertising, you can customize your criteria and target niche audiences with the help of factual data, all in half the time.  But are they better than humans? Begrudgingly, yes, because they match the seller's goals to consumer behaviour, different ad formats, and bidding preferences before deciding on a platform. 

Advantages of programmatic advertising over traditional means  

1. Saves time   

In programmatic advertising, algorithms are the heroes who collect data, evaluates them, and make the decision. If done the conventional way, this process would involve back and forths between the marketer and salesperson, where you lose precious time and customers.  

2. Data-driven targeting   

Programmatic advertising utilizes real-time data to place their bids. Remember your online shopping cart just showing up on every website you visit? That's retargeting and works brilliantly to drive conversions. Programmatic advertising offers nuanced targeting options like geo-targeting, contextual targeting and sometimes targets just you or someone you know with the help of IP targeting.  With programmatic advertising, your efforts are never wasted; instead, your return of investment increases, along with conversion rates. 

3. Real-time optimization   

What's cooler than Dr.Strange going through 14 million futures in a second? It's watching the programmatic algorithms analyse real-time data and audience reviews and offer you the opportunity to make changes instantaneously. You can see all the different possibilities for your campaign to hit the jackpot play out in front of you with A/B testing.   

4. Greater transparency   

Deciding when and where to place your ads will no longer be dependent on the "I know a guy, who knows a guy" formula. Instead, with advanced placement techniques run by algorithms, advertisers can systematically display their ads and receive feedback on their audience and their views of the ads.   

What's next in store?  

With the pandemic pushing all companies and brands to adopt digital communication channels, programmatic advertising is gaining more ground. Consumer behaviour has also changed drastically during the pandemic; as we find new modes and forms of digital entertainment, we also open the doors for more targeted and refined digital advertising. With advertisements slowly creeping into your homes, playlists, and even eggs, you can influence your customers anywhere and anytime. Your ads falling on deaf ears? Well, not anymore, because they play in your customer's ears as they listen to their favourite podcasts. Next in line are ads on you. With wearable tech stealing the spotlight in the fashion and healthcare sectors, these little gadgets can sense your moods, literally. With programmatic advertising, it isn't long before every time your heart skips a beat watching the game on TV; you get a health insurance company advertisement.

As we get more creative with where we place our ads, its equally important to make them as creative as possible. For all creative solutions, reach out to us at Verbinden. We are equipped with almost Jarvis-like precise answers for all your branding, content, and marketing problems. Schedule a call now.