Top SaaS Marketing Automation Tools That Are Here To Stay

20-Apr-2021 05:42 PM Digital Marketing

The marketing automation industry has seen a tremendous financial boom as SaaS marketing automation tools are widely used today. According to the State of Marketing Report from Salesforce, 67 % of marketing executives are now using a marketing automation tool, with another 21% planning to do so soon.

SaaS is one of the three main cloud computing service models. Many businesses use this software because it gives them the flexibility and simplicity, which they need for most of their marketing needs. Companies may use several SaaS marketing tools to help them with their marketing needs.

Although there is an infinite number of SaaS marketing automation services to choose from, we will concentrate on top tools that are both promising and here to stay.

SaaS Automation Marketing Tools

There is no denying that there are more business-related applications and SaaS marketing automation tools available today than there were previously. Marketing automation tools are so popular these days that it is impossible not to use them to promote and develop business. In fact, with so many SaaS marketing tools and platforms to choose from, most business leaders are overwhelmed when it comes to deciding which one is worth their time.

Let us see a few of them.


Hootsuite is a social media management platform that allows companies to handle all their social media accounts in one place. It aids digital marketers with all their social media marketing efforts and tactics. Hootsuite allows users to schedule updates, engage with followers, monitor all mentions, and respond to comments.

The app can cut the time spent on managing social media in half or even less. It is a fantastic digital marketing tool that companies can use to boost their market share.


MailChimp is an email marketing automation service that helps and improves the efficiency of a company's email marketing campaigns. Businesses can use the tool to send email notifications to their customers, manage their subscriber list, and monitor campaign results. The services provided by MailChimp assist SaaS marketers in promoting their email promotions and converting leads into actual sales.

Some of the services provided by MailChimp are:

•Assisting with subscription management.

•Creating tailored reports that are both informative and exclusive.

•Keeping track of the emails sent out as part of the sales and marketing campaigns.

•Using digital ads to find new customers.

•Examining the click-through rates.


Pardot is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed by the same team that created Salesforce. It aims to align the sales and marketing teams' efforts to boost consumer acquisition rates and marketing campaign ROI.

Businesses may use Pardot's lead management system to build automated lead scoring workflows to help screen and qualify leads before passing them on to the sales team. This reduces the sales cycle and allows businesses to turn more leads into customers more quickly.

A/B checking, Google AdWords integration, and ROI reporting are among the other features.


Salesforce is one of the widely used customer relationship management (CRM) application. It allows businesses to monitor every phase of any sales made and how the deal came to be.

The software helps companies to boost sales and efficiency while also improving B2B and B2C purchasing experiences. It also includes analytical tools and other features, such as email notifications, Google search, customer entitlement, and contract access.


Marketo works with all outlets, including blogs, social media, and email campaigns, to help create marketing strategies from the ground. It is a bit costlier than other marketing automation systems but does not compromise accuracy. A SaaS-based business may use this app for marketing purposes.


Trello is a flexible project management platform with limitless possibilities. It can provide a bird's-eye view of all marketing activities, assist in content creation, and eliminate lengthy email threads. Trello's ability to maintain all of the team's experiences in one place is one of its most impressive features.

The software helps marketing departments resolve problems such as transparency of work, project clarification, lengthy email threads, wasted meetings, accountability, and forgetfulness. It is a project management tool that allows marketing teams to coordinate, monitor, schedule, and handle all their current projects, activities, and tasks.


Slack is the most common collaboration SaaS tool for remote teams, putting all their communication needs together in one place by building a message group known as 'channel'. 

Organizations using Slack can easily set up channels for the team, project, place, customer, or anything else that comes to mind. The entire group can interact, collaborate, and exchange files across these networks. Slack makes file sharing a breeze since it integrates with over 2000 applications. It is no surprise that it is regarded as a lifesaver when working with lengthy email chains!

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is an excellent platform for measuring results and learning more about the audience. It is a free web analytics solution that combines tools for analyzing business data into one convenient location.

When working in Analytics, intelligence, accurate reporting, and data visualization are essential. In simple words, if companies want to learn more about how their customers interact with their website, Google Analytics is the right tool for them.

Marketing automation software comes with a plethora of flavours. It all comes down to picking the best one according to company's needs, budget, and technological skills.

If you are confused in choosing the right platform which best suits your business needs, contact Verbinden Communication. The experts here will assist you in making the right decision.