Use Graphics to Take Your Marketing to The Next Level!

27-Sep-2019 11:24 AM Graphic Design

Remember those times when you couldn’t explain a meme and you had to google it? Wouldn’t it be comforting when the food menus have images of the food alongside the dish?  

Now, how do you explain what a cloche hat looks like? It is a bell-shaped hat worn by women in the early 1900s.

Would you have preferred just ‘It is a bell-shaped hat worn by women in the early 1900s’? when someone was trying to explain it to you, or would you like it accompanied by the image? Sometimes, the image alone too does the job.

This is what they mean when they say, “A picture speaks a thousand words.”

That’s why people react during movies more than when they read a book. (Also because some of us have the bad habit of skipping to the end of a page to know what’s coming, spoiling it for ourselves.) 

Visuals are great at receiving a response or initiating action. And who needs these two more than a brand?

Brands use visuals in the form of graphics and or images. Let us look at the different types of visuals brands use.

Visual Identity

A brand, be it just three people or in three counties, needs a brand identity. Graphics plays a vital role in creating a brand identity. It is usually the logo, but a brand can also be associated with colors or even catchphrases.

More often than not, it is a visual element that ties the brand to its story. 

A brand’s visual identity can be a combination of things, or it could be just one element. It could be typography, colors, mascots or just a design. A brand’s identity must be powerful enough to have a high rate of brand recall. It could be either of the things mentioned above, but you must make sure your customers think of you when they see the logo, or even the font. Take Disney for example, the font used is unique to Disney and hence recognized whenever it is used anywhere else. 

In addition to preparing a visual identity, there is also a manual prepared on how the visuals associated with the brand must be used. This is called a brand guideline. You can know more on brand guidelines here.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral are anything and everything which aims at initiating action from the audience. 

These could also be emails sent to clients or partners about your new ventures of initiatives. It is better to have these conveyed through graphics, alongside text to help them perceive the meaning quicker.

Marketing collaterals include brochures, invites, email templates, presentations, newspaper advertisements, infographics etc.

Environmental Graphic Design

There must have been a billboard that caught your attention while driving down the road, taking the train or the bus. This form of advertising is called environmental designs. Billboards are usually to spread awareness and subtly be lodged in your heads. And in order to be remembered, the designs must qualify as mind-blowing. Anything less than that, the human mind is bound to forget.

User Interface

The digital space is riddled with websites and apps that preach to make your lives easier. If your web page or app does not prove to be easier to use, then having real estate online becomes pointless. 

The user interface must be easy to use, easy to navigate through and the user must be able to take in information without doubt. If your design does not coincide with the content, doubt arises which brings in confusion and then, in hesitation. Hesitation is not desired as the user knows about their multiple options and hence, a moment of hesitation would lead to you losing out on customers.

The graphics for UI also includes gaming interfaces.

Packaging Designs

Brands that shell out products have to keep in mind their packaging designs as well. These packages must be visually pleasing, as they are kept on shelves adjacent to their competitors. This leads to more chances of your product not being chosen.

Your packaging visuals must entice the audience to buy your product with zero hesitation or even before considering other brands’ products.

We can’t downplay the importance of graphic designs in creating customer perspectives. Visuals are key in every and any marketing strategy, be it on the digital space or otherwise. Connect with us and we’ll help you grow your presence within the digital space with the smart use of graphics.